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Sunday, November 25, 2007

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Get quick information of test match of India v Pakistan.

India v/s Pakistan test matches are playing at the Ferozeshah Kotla in New Delhi. Today was the fourth day of that match. Today Pakistan played good and made only 2002 runs at all wickets. On the inning of India played and lose his fist wicket in the starting. So I can say that the starting of India’s inning was not good but after it India played very well. That match was looking very easy to win for India. Every one gives his 100% for winning the match. End of over 51, India was 147/3. Tendulkar was on 18 run and Ganguly was on 38 runs that time.

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They all were looking in the form today End of over 53 india was on 165/3 wickets and End of over 54 india was on 167/3 wickets. Actually India has over come the match of the end of today. Because India end that day with 171for 3wickets and need only 32 runs and have a full day for winning this match. Tomorrow is the last day of that test match. So India is going to win that match. India have already win the series of one day match and looking like win to the test match also. So with it india’s confident will defenatly improve and it will be help to win the next coming matches. Indian were missing to the old Sachin Tendulker who always played well and no one can stand from of him. But after seeing him in these matches no body will be missing him. Actually Sachin is looking in the form in these matches.

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Not only
Sachin but also whole team of India is looking in the form. They all are playing well. Tomorrow is the last day of test match. Let’s see who will win. India’s situation is looking strong in this match but no body knows that will happened tomorrow’s match.
The match will be start around of 9 a.m. Sachin and Ganguly will start the match. They both are looking solid today. It will be very intrusting to see them.

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