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Friday, November 23, 2007

Twenty 20 Live Cricket Match Scores

T20 cricket match between South Africa Vs New Zealand and will be played today. Twenty 20 cricket match is something different from others, it is very interesting. 2020 cricket match is only 20 over cricket game. There are two power plays in one innings. One bowler can bowl only max 4 over. You will find it a different game in which no one look for one runs every one seems to be hit long. In the t20 world cup between India England yuvraj singh has hit 6 sixes on broad bowl. Watching live 20-20 cricket is giving something different experience. The funnies thing of 2020 cricket is that almost every bowler has to suffer. They can stop batman by hitting runs. And other funniest thing is that bowler also hit long sixes and four. Every one finds interest in t20 cricket matches. So watch this live 20 20 cricket India South Africa New Zealand.

Date 23-11-2007 India 228/6 day second

Second day of test cricket India Pakistan
Wasim jaffer and dinesh kartic start the Indians cricket innings and from the Pakistan shoaib akher was the attacking bowler with a new bowl in hand. In the fourth over when India was on the score 13 runs shoiab took the first wicket in the form of kartik. Then rahul dravid came at no 3 position. They both were playing well but in after 21 over jaffer got out by akhter and he made 32 runs. In this way India lost their next wicket on 71 runs. Next batman Tendular also got run out then s gangully came. India was at 73 for three wickets. Tanvir took gangully wicket at 8 runs and India has lost their 4th wicket. In the twenty seventh over, he again took the crucial wicket of the wall. Ms made his fifty and got out after 57 runs by Kaneria. At the end of the day India had made 228 runs for 6 wickets.

India is trail by 3 runs and if India wants to win this test match, they have to show a great cricket next day. Indians have give a lead at least 150 runs otherwise India have to all out Pak early. On the other hand pak have to all out Indians in the starting of the match and have to score more than 350 runs. This pitch of delhi is not helping batman and scoring more than three hundred runs will be a good score to chase. This test match can be draw if pak players did not get out and also play for the second day.

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